What is Enventbrite?

Eventbrite is a technology company, first and foremost. They are focused on developing the best possible online and mobile solutions for event managers and registrants.

I created a draft event on Eventbrite to check all its different functionalities. Let me say that I was very impressed by this powerful event management tool. It encompasses all the instruments you need to succeed your event, starting from the compaigns to the organisation and reception of participants.

How much does it cost?

The great news is that Eventbrite is totally a free service for free invitations. Eventbrite survives through commissions on paid invitations (Basic plan starts at 2% + $0.79). Check the princing here.

Why you have to use this event management tool?

Before starting the e-mailing campaigns, Eventbrite allows you to create and publish the event on its own platform. You could share the event page, that you will get, on your website and your social media. This event page displays all important informations including a map with the address and how registrants could get there by transports.

Events could be published on Evenbrite on public mode, visible by all users, or private, only visible by the receivers of the e-mailing campaigns. Obviously, if your event is not private, you can take advantage of the free advertising on the public mode.

After the publication of the event, Eventbrite displays a dashboard, easy and clear, to follow the sale of the tickets, which will refer to the inscriptions, in case you are organizing a free event. In the promotion and invitation part, Eventbrite makes it to share the event in social media and offers a standard template for the e-mailing campaigns. You can also link your account to Mailchimp and build your customized templates.

How does it improve the user experience?

For the registration, participants will have to follow the registration link to get on the form page. 3 basic informations will be asked: Last name, first name and email. Eventbrite adds the event to the participants agendas directly after registration confirmation.

Small bonus, during registration, Evenetbrite does not hesitate to remind the possibility of sharing the event. And the great bonus is the ability to retrieve custom HTML code, that you can put on our website, this code will display a thumbnail with the event details and a days countdown.

What more?

Eventbrite sends to registrants an electronic invitation and a printable one. This innovation does not stop here, it also automates the registration process of participants entries, on the day of the event: registred participants will have to arrive with their tickets (on their phone or printed), and you will be able to scan the barcodes for the check in process. At the end Eventdrive will provide you with data and and statistics about the event.

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